Helpful Instructions

All customers must have valid ID. Must be born before January 1 1988 OR have a valid Florida/Boater license/permit. Waiver and boater safety tests are available at the office and online.

Temporary boaters test:

Online waiver:

The state of Florida also makes a $3.00-only option available to you, which is administered via a paper test at the rental agent or through an online exam (with no study guide).

To access $3 version of test, visit Boat-ed link above, scroll to middle of the page click 'exam-only' link

Florida boater test

The page will reload, you will click the 'exam only' link one more.

Florida boater test

Create your account.Once the account is created you can click Florida boater testin the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Then click "content" to view your test. If you fail you will have to start-over and pay the full amount!

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